1001 Things You Should Know



Sandi Toksvig


Thames Scotland for Channel 4, 12 November 2012 to 31 May 2013 (60 episodes in 2 series)


Channel 4's press office wrote, "Players are asked questions we should all know the answers to - with the questions posed by experts, including some of Channel 4's best known faces. But [do] the players know what they should know and win the prize pot?"

To translate from Pressofficese into standard English: three contestants are asked simple questions by Channel 4 celebrities. If they get them right, they play more difficult questions to win money. Get the starters wrong and they risk leaving with nothing. The daily champion returns for the following show.

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According to the press release, developed by the Thames Scotland development team, led by Gail Harman


Even before it began, 1001 Things was courting controversy; it went out at 3.30pm, pushing Countdown back to a 2.40 start.

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