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E is for... Edited for broadcast - In some countries – notably the USA – it is a requirement to make the TV audience aware of any differences in the show they see compared to what actually happened in the studio. This can happen if a technical problem or game error occurs, or if the taping ran over its allotted time. A statement such as "This program was edited for broadcast but the overall result was not affected" will appear in the credits.


Title Genre
EastEnders Pub Quiz Quiz, themed (EastEnders)
Easy Money Quiz, themed (consumer)
Eat Drink and be Silly Radio, themed quiz (food and drink)
Eat Your Words (1) Childrens
Eat Your Words (2) Quiz, themed (food)
Eating With the Enemy Lifestyle
Ed Vs Spencer Stunt/dare show
Eden Reality
The Edge Quiz / sport (target bowling)
E4 School of Performing Arts Variety
E4's Tattoo Artist of the Year Reality, lifestyle
Eggheads Quiz, general knowledge
8 Out of 10 Cats Comedy panel game
Either Or Variety
Ejector Seat General knowledge quiz
Elimidate Dating
Election Childrens
Eliminator Childrens
Elvis Has Just Left the Building Quiz, themed (music)
The E-millionaire Show Technological
The End of the Show Show Childrens
Endurance UK Stunt/dare show
The Enemy Within Quiz, general knowledge
Energize Childrens
Ennill Dy Deulu Childrens, regional (Wales)
The Entertainment Game Quiz, themed (entertainment)
Epic Win Stunts and dares
Escape Action/adventure
Escape from Scorpion Island Action/adventure
Escape in Time Lifestyle
Eternal Glory Sport
Eurovision Choir of the Year Variety
Eurovision Dance Contest Variety, dance
Eurovision Song Contest Variety
Eurovision Young Dancers Variety, dance
Eurovision Young Musicians Variety, classical music
Eurovision: Making Your Mind Up Variety
Eurovision: You Decide Variety
Eurovision: Your Decision Variety
Every Second Counts Quiz, general knowledge
Everybody's Equal Quiz, general knowledge
Everyone's a Winner Quiz, themed (geography)
The Exclusives Recruitment, magazines
The Exhibitionists Regional (Wales), Art
Exit - it's the Way-Out Show Quiz, general knowledge
The Exit List Quiz, general knowledge
Ex-Rated Dating
Extinct: The Quiz Quiz, themed (natural history)
Extra Time Quiz Sport, regional (Wales)
Extreme Endurance Stunt/dare show
Eye Spy Action/Adventure
Eye 2 Eye Quiz, themed (design)
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