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Please take a moment to read the Frequently Asked Questions below. This should answer most of your queries. If not, our contact details are given at the bottom of this page.

Producers and media enquiries should refer to the Producer Information page.

How can I get on (show X)?

All the details for contestant calls that we know about are on our dedicated Be on TV section. If the show you want isn't listed, make a note of the broadcaster or production company that makes the programmes then write to them using the list of contacts found here.

Can you send me an application form?

Sorry, we don't have these to give away. You need to follow the application method listed on our Contestant Calls page. Each show has a different procedure (e.g. some want telephone enquiries first, others may only want Internet applications etc.) You need to keep a regular eye on this page - we seem to track most shows. If the programme you want to apply for isn't listed, chances are the next series hasn't been commissioned yet.

How do I get audience tickets?

For all ITV shows, please see

Some other useful audience websites:

Failing that, write to the production company. Addresses here.

How can I get questions for...?

If you're hosting a games night, questions for popular game shows are available using the board game versions. Click on the relevant show to buy the relevant game from

How do I get a Dusty Bin, Bendy Bully etc.?

Any game show merchandise that we know of is listed on our Prize Pound page. As you might imagine, products linked to old programmes just aren't available any more. As game shows are currently back in fashion, it is possible that the situation may change, so keep watching our page for any news of re-issued merchandise.

However, is an excellent source of old game show products. Many otherwise hard to find items, including genuine Bullseye bendy bullys and the out of print Weakest Link electronic game, often come up on there. Check it out!

I was a contestant on a show... how do I get a tape?

For BBC shows, this is easy - they run a service called Contributor Access for people who want a copy of a BBC game show that they have featured in. All you have to do is supply as much information as possible and they can make you a copy for a fee. If you're sure that it's a BBC show you're wanting, then contact BBC Contributor Access, read their FAQ and click on the link on the bottom of that page to begin your request.

As for other channels, the matter is trickier. First of all, be prepared to accept that no copy of the programme still exists - video tape was expensive in the 1960s and 70s, and many old programmes have been simply wiped. The best thing we can suggest is to write to the production company or broadcaster that made that show. The relevant entry in our A to Z of game shows usually lists who made the programme, and a list of production company addresses can be found here. When writing to the programme maker, give as many details as possible including your best guess as to the original broadcast date. We're afraid we're unable to help any further than this. Good luck!

Please can you link to my page?

We will consider all suggestions for web links, such as fan pages on specific shows or hosts which contain in-depth information to complement the overviews we carry on this site. We are particularly keen to link to pages with good content, sensible graphics sizes and clear layout. Please send us a URL (email details below) and we will include it to the page if appropriate. Reciprocal links are appreciated - please use the URL

Where can I buy Play Your Cards Right cards?

Large playing cards come in two main sizes. Jumbo cards are four times the size of regular playing cards and cost about £12. Giant-sized cards, about the size of an A4 page, are harder to come by and can cost £30 or so. Various magic websites sell them, and we have seen them in gift shops such as Tiger from time to time.

What was the name of that show...?

  • ...with the girl with the Black Country accent who said "Oi'll give it foive"? - that was Janice Nicholls on Thank Your Lucky Stars (and not Juke Box Jury as many think)
  • ...with dragons, coins called drognas, an angry aspidistra plant and The Vortex? - The Adventure Game
  • ...with the talking lift called Sam, the dark knight and a large swimming pool of alphabet soup? - Incredible Games
  • ...with the scary man in a black leather coat chasing the contestants from a helicopter? - Interceptor
  • ...with the man in the Northern accent wearing a papier mache head and the audience singing Hit the Road, Jack? - Remote Control
  • ...with the big keyboard with the Stinger hosted by David Hamilton - All Clued Up
  • ...with the catchphrase "Crank Up Your Granny"? - Happy Families
  • ...with the cat burglar and contestants playing computer games? - Steal

I've a great idea for a game show!

We sell a 50,000-word book called "How To Devise a Game Show" that contains all the information you need about the devising process. Take a look at the ordering information here.

Where can I find a list of addresses for game show companies?

We've listed many useful contact details of many companies that make game shows on this page.

Can I help with your site?

Maybe. Take a look at our Join Us page.

E-mail us

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If you've read the above and it didn't answer your question, you could consider asking the members of the UKGSP Google Group, or you can write to us at

When writing to us, please ensure you give as many details as possible. We try to answer as many questions as possible, but please be aware that it may take a while to reply.

Producers and Media enquiries: please contact us via the Producer Information page.

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