Roy Ward Dickson


Shirley Ward Dickson

Gaynor Jones


Associated-Rediffusion for ITV, 15 June 1961 to 6 September 1962 (26 episodes in 2 series)


The basic format revolved around answering questions to gain a letter, and using those letters to make words for prizes of up to £125. Another main feature (carried forward from Dickson's earlier show Turnabout) was the money pot, a goldfish bowl filled with shillings, florins and half crowns (British silver coinage of the time). Nobody could ever remove a full fistful of coins because it became jammed in the neck. Such is greed.


Roy Ward Dickson himself.


Dickson was a Canadian. He presented the first series of the show with his wife Shirley hostessing, an unusual combination by today's standards. He invented the show Sion a Sian (known in England as Mr and Mrs)


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