Ask Me Another (2)



Franklin Engelmann


BBC-tv, 9 June 1958 to 25 September 1963 (141 episodes)


TV spin-off from What Do You Know?. A rotating team of winners and distinguished contestants from the radio show's "Brain of Britain" quiz took on a new team of challengers each week, in a kind of proto-Eggheads concept. From October 1959 onward, the usual team was Olive Stephens, Ted Moult and Reginald Webster, though there were still occasional substitutions. The challengers were often, though not always, celebrity teams.


Questions arranged and compiled by John P. Wynn.

For the 1959 Christmas special, the 1956 Brain of Britain Anthony Carr, and 1959 champion Reginald Webster, captained teams made up of their own relatives.

Theme music

Ronald Hanmer

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Opening titles from the BBC Motion Graphics Archive


Chairman Franklin Engelmann
Resident Ted Moult


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