Alex Zane


Judges: Lucie Cave, Ed Hall and Ian Hyland

Bamboozlers: Caroline Polledri, Emma Fitch and Chloe Bailey


Radar for E4, 24 November to ? 2005


Subtitled The Secret TV Game Show, three contestants try to generate as much media exposure for themselves as possible with a series of hoaxes. With "hilarious" "consequences". The same contestants are used throughout the series, and a panel of three judges from the respected media and Heat magazine decide the winner each week.

It's not all that funny, which is a bit of a handicap for a show that's meant to fall loosely under the "comedy" heading, but some of the stunts are quite clever and it's interesting (and a little bit scary) to see how easily some sections of the media can be duped.


Lee Hupfield

Web links

Since the whole idea of the show is to generate masses of publicity, here's a few examples of where the plans worked:

Times of India reports on Caroline Polledri's doggy dating website

BBC News on a pseudonymous Ms Polledri's "Supper With The Stars" scam

The Telegraph on Emma Fitch's "tattoo" of Kelly Holmes

An item on This Morning about "Lion Therapy" gets some reaction

See also

Bamboozle! (Teletext, 1993 - 2009), a daily quiz.


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