Britain Unzipped



Greg James and Russell Kane


Talkback for BBC Three, 24 April to 21 November 2012 (14 episodes in 2 series)


According to the BBC press release, "Britain Unzipped will lift the lid on what us Brits really think and get up to. The series will deliver an alternative, funny state of the nation by conducting a huge nationwide questionnaire asking everything from the national to the personal, the eye-opening to the downright daft."

The heart of Britain Unzipped was to let the young people of Britain see themselves in a mirror, warts and bad language and bodily functions and all. It's a programme with game elements.

"Man Versus Woman" took one bloke and one lady, and asked them questions like, "How many women said yes, they'd rather have a perfect body than a perfect soul." A prize for whoever was closer.

Each episode ended with "Celebrities Unzipped", in which a celeb in the studio would attempt to guess what other celebrities had said. Drinks all round if they won - literally, the prize was a cocktail for everyone in the audience.

After a successful first series, the programme has been recommissioned for another run, which is now simply titled Unzipped.

Theme music

Mathieu Karsenti


The show was originally called Look at the State of You.

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BBC Three at its finest...two men in front of a screen.

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