Celebrity Five Go to...



Voiceover: Jane McDonald


RDF Television for Channel 4, 10 January 2011 to 13 January 2012 (15 episodes in 3 series)


Five celebrities go on holiday together to compete to be the best tour guide for the group. Over two days, each celebrity is given the chance to organise different activities for the group, before on the third day, the group must secretly vote for who they feel has delivered the worst experience for the group, with this person being sent home. Over the remaining days, two more celebrities are voted off, before, in a twist unknown to the remaining two celebrities, the locals of the village in which they have been staying, and with whom they have been interacting, vote for who they think is the best tour guide.

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The pilot run saw the celebrities visit Turkey, with the celebrities visiting South Africa for the second series.


2011 (Winter series)

  • Russell Grant (astrologer)
  • Emma Ridley ('80's wild child)
  • Jan Leeming (former newsreader)
  • Antony Costa (ex-Blue singer)
  • Derek Conway (ex-Tory MP)

2011 (Spring series)

2012 (Winter series)

  • Derek Acorah
  • Rosie Millard
  • James Redmond
  • Bianca Gascoigne
  • Ken Morley


2011 Antony Costa (Winter series)
2011 TBC (Spring series)
2012 TBC (Winter series)


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