Paul Martin


Baxter (played by Maggie)


Hungry Gap Productions in association with Century One Films for BBC One, 1 to 19 April 2019 (15 episodes in 1 series)


The flamboyant Paul Martin from Flog It! is joined by two pairs of players, in a set full of knick-knacks and bits and bobs and oddities. The main set is a primrose yellow, bright and inviting; the slightly shabby whites of the doors stand out.

To decide who goes first, there's a quick auction. Whichever team bids the most without going over wins, and chooses one of two rooms. "So Last Century" is knowledge of the 1900s; "Den of Antiquity" tests older items.

Welcome to the last century.

In each room, there's a challenge for the teams, such as work out the connection between some items and set aside the one that doesn't belong. They've got two minutes from the instant they enter the room.

After time's up, Paul goes into the room, and discusses the result with our teams. Paul explains, briskly and concisely, why each item does or doesn't belong.

Afterwards, the team go to the Curiosity Cabinet to select an item. If they won the challenge, it's an item for their collection; if the team lost their challenge, it's an item for the other team's collection. Whoever has the more valuable collection at the end of the game will win the show, and potentially a prize.

Peeking out from the cabinet.

Rinse and repeat – the other team go into the other room, play their game, and pick an item out of the Curiosity Cabinet. The two items rejected by the other team are still there, along with a new item. There's a second round, just like the first. For a bit of variety, the third round is in "Collector's Corner", a nook where the day's special guest talks about his passion and sets a challenge based on it. Can you, for instance, identify three real ear trumpets from these six items?

By the end, there are now five items on the tables. Each team now gets to pilfer one item from their opponent's collection, and claim it as their own. After all this swapping around, Paul talks through the items in everyone's collection, and gives the correct prices. Which team has the more valuable collection? They are the winners.

And they have one final choice to make. Leave with the value of their collection, or take a look inside the cabinet. Can our winners pick the most expensive of the three new items? If they can, they'll win a full £1000; if not, they leave with the same nothing as the team they've beaten. Pretty much everyone goes for the final challenge, it's a one-in-three shot at turning £200 into £1000.

Paul hosts with spark and verve, we particularly enjoyed his little asides to camera in the style of The Crystal Maze, and the treasure-trove set. His love of knick-knacks and knowledge of collectables make this a fun show even for those who don't like old things.

Paul's assistant is Baxter the dog.


Paul Martin, with his wife Charlotte.

Title music

Original music by Ben Weymss, Dobs Vye, and Stefan Fletcher.


The role of Baxter was played by a dog called Maggie.

East Bristol Auctions did the valuations, and Gordon Whistance designed the set.

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