Cwis Meddiant



Gethin Jones


Announcer: Marc Griffiths (Y Reff)


Presentable for S4C, 2009


General knowledge quiz for rugby clubs in Wales - played, rather naturally, as a mental rugby match.

Two teams attempt to score 'tries' (worth 5 points) by answering questions correctly. The team captain can choose to either 'run with the ball' (answer the question) or 'pass the ball back' (get one of their other team members to answer). All three team members must be over the half-way line on the 'pitch' in order to score.

If both teams fail to answer any one question correctly, the teams play an on-the-buzzer scrumdown - the first to get two questions correct wins possession.

Three tactics can be used by both teams once in each half of the game - tackle (win the ball back by answering two questions on the buzzer), ruck (confer) and Drop Goal (worth 3 points). A drop goal for 2 points can also be scored after a try, with the opposition's captain choosing the category.

During games, bonus questions worth £100 to the club crop up from time to time with game winners receiving some training equipment. Overall series champions win a visit to their ground by former players, coaches and anyone within ten feet of the Welsh Rugby Union.

A quite durable series, although there may have been one too many twists added.


Question categories: World Affairs, Who & Where, Entertainment, Wales and Sport.

The title translates as Possession Quiz.

Dismissed in S4C's own annual report for 2009 as a show which failed to capture the imagination of the audience.

Theme music

Dawson Sabatini


Gorseinon RFC, Swansea

Web link

Official website (in Welsh and English)

Watch 'Cwis Meddiant' on S4/Clic (English subtitles available)


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