Danny Brown and Kate Thornton


Bazal for Channel 4, 7 January 1999 to 9 March 2000 (40 episodes in 2 series)


In a clever play on words, Dishes is a combination of dating show and cookery. Ready, Steady, Shag then, but this is a teatime Channel 4 show and therefore will be a bit more discerning then Channel 5. Only a little bit mind.

File:Dishes thornton.jpgKate Thornton with a contestant.

So, take three single guys, a single girl, some food, a huge partition, the slightly talented and actually rather attractive Kate Thornton and Danny Brown (formerly seen on Johnny Vaughan's short lived practical joke show The Fall Guy on BBC2), at least one of the contestants making a fool of himself, a huge exciting mad rush when the bell goes to get everything onto the plate, because if it's not on the plate then it doesn't go in, the winner getting a date in a restaurant somewhere and what do you get?

File:Dishes cookery.jpgDanny Brown with contestants.

The result is actually something pleasantly diverting that you'll sometimes watch because you can't be bothered to get up and slam a microwave pizza on and there's nothing else on.

File:Dishes brown.jpgDanny Brown with a contestant.

Theme music

Tim & Alex


Thornton managed to get the job when she heard about it through a friend who was originally lined up to present the programme. As it happens, that friend was Angela Griffin, the former Coronation Street actress.

Both series had a commission of 20 episodes and aired at 6pm. The first series aired twice a week on Thursdays and Tuesdays while the second series aired only once a week on Wednesdays


Part 1 of a 1999 episode.


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