Does Doug Know?



Daisy Donovan


Team captains: Gavin Webster and Tony Law


Talkback for Channel 4, 15 March to 3 May 2002 (8 episodes in 1 series)


A satirical news quiz for the 11 O' Clock Show generation, it says here. What it actually amounts to is a kind of British topical smutty version of the US show Street Smarts.

Donovan spends time earlier on the day of recording to do some interviews with three people from the streets. These interviews include all the questions from the evening's show. At the beginning of the episode, each team (comprising of a minor celeb and a MOTP, as we recall) picked one of our street interviewees to represent them during the show. After correctly answering questions, they could earn bonus points by predicting whether their man on the street knew the answer.

There was a word association round involved somewhere as well.

And that's it. One series.


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