Don't Blow the Inheritance



Tim Vine


12 Yard for ITV1, 20 to 31 August 2012 (10 episodes in 1 series)


The generation-gap summer show where the old generation battle to build their Inheritance prize pot up with thousands of pounds ready to pass on to the young generation. But the young generation can only take the Inheritance prize pot home if they don't 'blow it all' at the end of the game! It's down to the young generation to answer the final questions correctly so they can keep the cash rather than blowing all of the old generation's hard work

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Liz Gaskell, Josephine Brassey, James Woolley, Mike Bavafa-Khiavi and Susie Hall

Theme music

Will Slater


The show aired in the 5pm slot as a summer replacement for The Chase alongside Tipping Point in 2012.

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