Don't Give Up Your Day Job



Paul Brophy


BBC2, 3 November to 8 December 1995 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Host: "I'm Paul Brophy!"

Audience: "I'M PAUL BROPHY!"

Host: "No! I'M PAUL BROPHY!"

That's how the show began every week. Hilariously. If you're wondering who Paul Brophy is, and you may well wonder, he was comedy cleaner Alistair and an Elvis impersonator from the The End of the Show Show from godawful Sunday morning kids TV thing Fully Booked. Kids morning telly to grown-up Friday late night talent show... that's pretty obscure!

Set in a studio bedsit, people sent in home videos of their talent. Sometimes good, sometimes rather dubious. No matter what, they'd have to please the three celebrity judges sitting on the sofa that week. Each celeb would have a buzzer and the tape stopped the very second the third

There you have it then. Opportunity Knocks for a young audience brought bang up to date for the Nineties. And somewhat tellingly it only had one series.


"I'm Paul Brophy"


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