Find Me the Face



Becky Southwick and Jody Furlong


Fever Media for BBC Three, 12 February to 18 March 2008 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Billed as a documentary, but also dipping its toe into the game show waters, each episode sees presenters Becky Southwick and Jody Furlong tasked by a modelling agency to find a specific type of model, anything from lingerie, to urban, to plus-size. The twist is, the model the agency is looking for must be an undiscovered talent from the Great British public.

Competing against each other, both presenters descend on a shopping centre or some similar location to find, and then to try and convince wary shoppers that they could be models. Once they have convinced a few people to take part, they return to London, where, with the support of the presenter who chose them, the potential models are judged by the modelling agency. Based on these assessments, the wannabe models are systematically sent packing, to leave just one, who receives a contract with the modelling agency.

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