Ladette to Lady



Lucy Briers (2005-8)
Ben Gooder (2009-10)


Teachers: Jean Broke-Smith (series 1), Gill Harbord, Liz Brewer, Rosemary Shrager and Alison Smith


RDF Television for ITV1, 2 June 2005 to 7 July 2009 (21 episodes in 4 series)

RDF Television for ITV2, 2 July to 6 August 2010 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Ten "ladettes" are packed off to an old-fashioned "finishing school" and face a series of tasks relating to etiquette, deportment, and generally acting like posh folk. They are gradually whittled down according to their performance in the tasks and the last one standing wins a flashy sports car.

After declaring it dead and buried after three series, ITV promptly brought it back for a fourth (and a fifth), only with contestants flown in from Australia, for some reason.


Although it started out as a 9pm primetime programme, for series five ITV1 pushed the show back to after the 10 o'clock news, and STV dropped it altogether (though viewers north of the border could catch the repeats on ITV2 anyway).

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