Michel Roux's Service



Voiceover: Mark Bazeley


Mentors: Michel Roux Jr and Fred Sirieix


Ricochet / Million Media for BBC Two, 12 January to 3 February 2011 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Restaurateur Michel Roux Jr. takes eight young people aged 17-24, and over eight weeks trains them in the art of providing the perfect front-of-house restaurant service. Veering toward the docusoap end of the reality spectrum, though at the end of the series, two of the eight were to receive a six-month scholarship with the Academy of Food and Wine, to develop and refine their newfound skills. In fact three scholarships were awarded, and a fourth participant was offered a job by mentor Fred Sirieix.

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The programme was originally announced as At Your Service.

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Fred: He is Sirieix, and don't call him Shirley
Michel Roux Jr with (left to right) Thomas, Nikkita, Jarel, Niki, James, Brooke, Ashley, and Danielle

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