The Lie



Susan Calman


TV3, STV and GroupM for STV, 31 March to ? 2014


Couples try to find the one fib in a board full of facts.

When couples start their journey, they pick one from eight categories. Then there is one fact and one falsehood on display. They're allowed 30 seconds to confer, locate the lie, and lock in their answer. Spotting this first fib is worth £250.

Back to the category board, and second time around there are two truths and the lie. Find the fib for £500.

So it goes on: the couple picks from the same category board throughout, and each round has one lie and one additional truth. The prize increases slowly - the third round pays £750, then £1000, £1500, and £2500. The top prizes of £5000 and £10,000 are rarely won.

After finding a lie, the contestants can stop playing and walk away. They also have the opportunity to "bank" their money once in the game. Should they give an incorrect response - say a truth is the lie, or fail to answer in time - they'll drop back to the banked amount. Should they not have banked anything, they leave with nothing.

"Lucky Three" is available from the third round, this reduces the choice of statements to the lie and two true statements. Both this and the "bank" lifeline can only be used once in a game.

The studio, as seen in a Welsh version.

The Lie is a very simple game to pick up, and it begs for viewers to play along. The eight categories shape tactical decisions - where to start, where to bank, what order to play, whether to accept a lower prize.


Created by STV Productions, TV3 Television Network, and Grant Keen

Theme music

Dobs Vye


The Lie is a co-production between STV from Scotland and TV3 from Ireland. Jonathan McCrea hosts the version on TV3. All versions use the same format, music, and graphics package from Dublin company Emberlight.

See also

Celwydd Noeth, the Welsh language version.


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