The Machine



"The Machine" (Carole Machin)


MultiMedia Arts for ITV1, 18 July 2002 to 2004


Cheap late night quiz on ITV, very similar to Trivia Blitz on Uproar.

In each episode, seven people are given two and a half minutes to pit their wits against The Machine. A question comes up, the contestant is given four possible answers and ten seconds to pick one with the points starting at ten and counting down to zero. Score the points if you are correct, lose them if you are wrong all the while being talked at by The Machine, saying things like "come on, use your brain" or stalling by saying things like "You answered on eight seconds, you score eight points."

The Machine sounds like Mariella Frostrup for some reason. She's a humanoid and wants to "be" Anne Robinson although, being a machine, all her insults are quite repetitive. What's more, her stalling really does annoy quite a bit. So do the spelling mistakes in the captions and some shoddy question research.

The top seven winners get to come back to win the big prize in the series finale. Which is nice.

Theme music

Matthew Morris


Before GLaDOS was famous for Portal, she did this.


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