The Perfect Pitch



Narrator: Joanna Page


Avanti for Channel 4, 27 September 2021 to 14 October 2022 (35 episodes in 2 series)


Three pairs of campers take their tents and caravans around a particular part of the island. While there, the campsite owners arrange some activities to show off the local scenery and other things to do.

We're reminded of the old Wish You Were Here on Holiday programmes, where Judith Chalmers would show off the magnificent views, and Gordon Burns crossed a rope bridge across a massive ravine.

The show looks only at the pastimes and diversions, the actual quality of the campsite itself does not factor into the teams' deliberations. So you could have a horrible campsite, boggy ground and cold showers, but this might not be included in the score.

At the end of each show, the pair awards a "star rating", from zero to five stars, with half-marks available. Highest score at the end of the week is the area winner. And, on that flimsy grounds, we declare The Perfect Pitch to be enough of a game show for us.

Isn't this just Come Dine with Me but for outdoors tourist attractions, and themed around camping? Yes, this is Come to an Outdoors Tourist Attraction with Me, and perhaps the whole Come Dine concept is so painfully clich├ęd that it needs a rest.

Not everything has to be a competition. We got more out of the show when we ignored the voting at the end and just watched Six Lark About in the Countryside.

Theme music

Philip Guyler, credited for "Original music".

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