Mission: 2110



"Caleb" (Stuart Goldsmith)


Lindsay Duncan as "Laura Grant"/"Neuros"/"Cybele"

Roboidz: Noel Byrne, Richard Garaghty, Gareth Jones

Voiceover: Peter Dickson


BBC Scotland for CBBC, 3 May to 18 December 2010 (26 episodes in 2 series)


It is the year 2110 and planet Earth has been taken over by the Roboidz. Time-travelling children from the year 2010 (yes, apparently we have time travel now - how cool is that?) journey to the future to try to defeat them.

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The show is filmed on a container ship on Loch Striven. The location fee was given to children's charities in Argyll and Bute. All the publicity may have backfired on the production a bit, as many of the press previews noted how impressive the container ship setting was. The trouble is, it may be filmed on a mothballed container ship but it's not meant to look like one!

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