100 Grand in 100 Minutes



Gaby Roslin, Jayne Middlemiss and Iain Lee


AnswerBack Interactive for Capital Radio (and syndicated across 60 GCap/Emap local radio stations), 1 October 2005


A sort of Brewster's Millions-meets-Supermarket Sweep buy-lots-of-stuff-quickly concept produced to promote the financial services company Egg (now part of the Yorkshire building society).

In the week leading up to this live final, there were phone-in competitions on local radio stations up and down the country under the banner of "The Big Money Experiment", with two winners qualifying for the London final. The finallists then spent 100 minutes whizzing around the capital on motorbikes, "buying" stuff (in fact just pointing stuff out, with the producer noting down the prices) in an attempt to "spend" 100 grand in the alloted time. They could spend up to £30,000 on one item, and £10,000 on each of the other items, which all had to be different. Whoever came closest to a hundred grand won everything on their list.


Jesse Payne


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