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Celebrity Love Island (winner)

Celebrity Masterchef (winner)

100 Grand in 100 Minutes

Robot Wars (interviewer)

Soapstar Superstar (ITV2 coverage)

Techno Games (interviewer)

The Games (interviewer)

What Women Want


Born and brought up in Bedlington, Jayne Middlemiss (born 1971) enjoyed a brief career as a glamour model, and a somewhat longer one as a television presenter. Her first starring role was on the BBC's pop music magazine The O-Zone, which led her to host editions of Top of the Pops on telly and the radio; she also fronted BBC coverage of the annual Glastonbury festival of mud.

In 2004, Middlemiss moved into more mainstream entertainment, presenting fashion show She's Gotta Have It, Robot Wars, and spent 2005 on Channel 4's energetic The Games and ITV's less active Celebrity Love Island. She liked the latter so much that she returned the following year to host a spin-off series.


Though she gave up glamour modelling at a young age, Jayne Middlemiss has continued to appear regularly in lads' mags.

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