Foot in the Door



Voiceover: Nick Moran


BBC Two, 1 to 29 June 2000 (5 episodes in 1 series)


An early win-a-job show, though a precursor more to Grandad's Back in Business and Faking It than The Apprentice. Each episode featured three applicants competing for the same job, generally something fairly glamorous like working in rally sport or being a travel writer. They went through an interview and practical tests, and at the end one got the job and the other two... didn't. The practical tests were quite big things, though - the advertising creatives got taken to New York to devise a campaign for the state lottery, the travel writers got sent off to various far-flung places and told to write a basic guide with a map and photos in a weekend, and so on.

Episode list

  1. Chef (winner: Kirsty Green)
  2. Advertising creative (Juliette Share)
  3. News photographer (Andrew Paradise)
  4. Travel guide writer (Rachel Suddart)
  5. Rally car teamster (Nick Petronas)


David Young

See also

Hire Me, a 2022 show along very similar lines.


The press photographer episode


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