Hire Me



Snoochie Shy


BBC Three, 21 September to 26 October 2022 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Young hopefuls get the chance to break out of their ordinary lives and into their dream industry, winning the life-changing prize of a dream job.

Each episode sees three candidates compete in a supersized job interview for the role of their dreams. The series covers some very different positions - luxury property broker, radio producer, commercial interior designer, events planner, commercial film maker and Premier League football coach.

The show's hosted by "fairy-job-mother" Snoochie Shy, and a couple of challenges prove which of the candidates has the qualities the boss wants, and who (if anyone) is right for the post.

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Billed in some places as Hire Me: Competing For A Dream Job.

Had the working title The Career Games.

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Although it lacked an on-screen presenter, Foot in the Door followed pretty much the same template 22 years earlier.


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