Scream! If You Want to Get Off



Lord Brocket


Nigel Marven


Granada for ITV1, 1 to 15 January 2005 (3 episodes)

Granada for ITV2, 2005 (3 episodes in the resumed series)


Adventure challenge show set in a nature reserve in the wilder parts of South Africa. Twelve members of the public compete against wildlife expert Nigel Marven in a series of contests with a possible £10,000 up for grabs each week. From the billings it sounded like an ITV equivalent of Fear Factor, though if the first actual episode is anything to go by, it's closer to It's a Knockout, albeit with rather fewer inflatables.

It was pulled after three episodes.


Nigel Marven

Web links

Write-up on Nigel Marven's site

Birdlife International - The charity Nigel Marven plays to win money for.

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Image:Scream if you want to get off the blue team.jpg A local attempts to blend in with the blue team.


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