3G Boss



Zahin Ahmed


Howard Dawber (chief judge)

Kuhinoor Kabir, Sanawar Choudhury (assistant judges)

Nadia Ali (Behind the Boss)


Channel S, 12 December 2015 to 6 February 2016 (9 episodes in 1 series)


Twelve young people are sorted into teams, the composition changes each week. They're given a business task to do, judged by profit or income. A member of the worst team is eliminated. The eventual champions get internships at the Canary Wharf Group and with other sponsoring companies.

Each show was followed by a live discussion programme, starring the wagging tongues of Nadia Ali and a panel of guests.

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Zahin Ahmed


Made by Channel S, a channel aimed at viewers who identify with Bangladesh.

Web links

The show publicised a website, 3gboss.com. This website was listed as "expired" when we visited, and that was while the series was going out.


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