Sally Gray (1997-2002)

Angellica Bell (2003-04)

Sophie McDonnell (2005)


"Flynn" the Computer
Matthew Davies (1998-2000)
Gary Martin (2000-01)
Dave Kelly (2001-05)


BBC Scotland for BBC1, 7 April 1997 to 12 July 2005 (118 episodes in 9 series + 4 specials)


More imaginative than usual kid's shows, 50/50 features two teams of 50 children from two different schools.

Sally Gray hosts 50/50

Each child has a number between 1 and 50, and in certain rounds random numbers were picked, for example, number 17 and 42.

The randomiser picks out four contestants for the next game

The appropriate numbered contestants from each team come out from the audience to play a typical skill-based game (usually involving inflatables of some kind) on behalf of their school.

It's a big inflatable wobbly table thingy

The quiz elements either involve all 100 contestants at once, by pressing their buttons to choose the answer to a multiple-choice or True and False question, or by picking out an individual numbered player to answer a question.

Good format, even though it suffers from the usual ploy of "Let's double the points!" for the final round.

Key moments

Satisfyingly loud klaxons go off if any of the kids get help from their friends during the individual quiz rounds.

Web links

Wikipedia entry

Opening titles from 1997 and 2005 in the BBC Motion Graphics Archive


Host, Sally Gray, who had an annoying tendency to prefix virtually all nouns and adjectives with the word "mega".
Sally introduces the megashow. Notice the megayellow team on the right.
"A Different Beat" - that'll be Boyzone then. Top right peg, love.


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