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BBC's Yorkshire-born Mr. Gardening for umpteen years. His TV debut was on 'Nationwide' in the late 70's, in which he made occasional appearances in the 'gardening' slot and he was later given a regular slot entitled 'Titch's Pitch' on BBC Breakfast Time in the mid-80's. He has also, on a somewhat different note, hosted 'Songs of Praise'.


Once won an award for writing the year's worst sex scene in one of his books.

He is involved with many charities, and is president of the Gardening For The Disabled Trust and Telephones For The Blind.

North Korea once censored his trousers. The state broadcaster, Central TV, aired a pirate (read: nicked) version of his 2010 series "Alan Titchmarsh's Garden Secrets" with an overwritten ident and blurred jeans, on the grounds that said garment represented Western imperialism.


c/o Caroline Mitchell, Colt Hill House, Odiham, Hook, Hants, RG29 1AL.

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