All in the Mind


Alison Holloway


BBC2, 14 March 1994 to 19 July 1995 (36 episodes)


Intelligence based quiz show which pitted the adults from a particular job against a group of school kids from a sixth-form to see who was more intelligent. Running during weekdays the two teams solved puzzles set over several themed rounds such as:

  • Sequences: where players buzz in when they can complete the sequence.
  • The Maze: where each team would try and find the path through the maze using an electronic pen as fast as poss.
  • Observation: where they'd be asked questions about a cartoon scene.
  • Lateral thinking: where they'd be given some lateral thinking puzzles to solve in their heads.

Each question was usually worth 10 points on the buzzers and in team rounds the points would count down from a given number until they solved it or the points ran out.

The winners of each show were given a choice of a (good) personal organizer and two other things which may have been an Atari Lynx and a pocket telly - EACH! and the losers a T-shirt. What's more, the highest scoring kid and adult teams fought in the final for what was probably a round the world trip given that BBC2 always give them away.

A nice little show that was good fun to watch because it had the all-elusive playalongathome factor.


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