Amazing Greys



Paddy McGuinness and Angela Rippon


Commentator: David Goldstrom


ITV Studios (Entertainment) and Eyeworks for ITV, 12 April to 17 May 2014 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Young contestants take on some of the nations most talented golden oldies for the chance to win thousands of pounds.

The older contestants (the titular Amazing Greys, and captained by Angela Rippon) have many advantages. The Greys have a specialist subject, the challenger needs to be a physical and mental all-rounder. The Greys have had a lifetime to hone their skills, the challenger may only have a moment to master the skills.

In an effort to level the contest, the challenger is allowed one head start - a slight reduction in the physical effort, or a correct answer in a quiz segment. When the young contender overcomes the obstacles and beats two out of three Greys, they're rewarded with £10,000.

Each episode features two young contestants, taking on challenges drawn from the same pool of eight Greys.


The panel of Amazing Greys included:

  • John Bly, antiques expert
  • Henry Clark, weightlifter
  • Eric Downey, bodybuilder
  • Brian Edwards, quiz show regular
  • David Hamilton, DJ
  • Glenys Hopkins, billed as Mastermind champion
  • Elizabeth Horrocks, Mastermind champion
  • Geoff Hurst, footballer
  • Ralph Johnson, fencer
  • Prue Leith, cookery expert
  • John Lowe, darts player
  • Roy Norton, table tennis player
  • Mary Peters, athlete
  • Vivien Saunders, golfer
  • Derek Stewart, cyclist
  • Pat Tombs, weightlifter
  • Christine Truman, tennis player
  • Willie Wood, bowls player

Eight of the Greys.

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