And They're Off For Sport Relief



Ore Oduba


Dave Lamb (narrator)

Daryll Neita (race demonstrator)


STV Productions for BBC One, 6 January to 17 February 2018 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Famous faces take part in fun and unpredictable obstacle courses. Contestants in the studio answer questions for the right to back a celebrity. The last celeb on each course leaves the programme - and takes their punter with them.

It sounds simple, and it is.

We meet a group of celebrities (typical line-up: a retired sportsman, a BBC presenter, one of The Saturdays, a comedian, and someone a bit older).

Back in the studio, Ore asks some questions to the contestants - what links these pictures? First person to give a correct answer gets first pick of the celebrities, next right answer picks from whoever's left, and the last person is lumbered with a celeb who might finish before Match of the Day.

Mud, mud, glorious mud.

Back to the celebrities, appearing on a filmed insert. They'll race along a course with some mud pits, and the slowest will leave the competition. Whoever in the studio picked (or was left with) that celeb also leaves the contest.

After the mud race, we always see a crossing of water by inflatible doughnuts. Then there's a skill game, such as get the egg out of the tree using the holes to lift it up. A water slide is the highlight of the final, after which a winner has been found.

"Come fly with me!" sings Michael Vaughan.

But there's more! The celebrities will take part in one final race, and if the winner in the studio can predict the winner of that race, they'll win a decent prize. (Typical prize: VIP trip to the Silverstone grand prix, value about £1000.) Our player is asked four multiple-choice questions, each right answer allows them to nominate one person in the race.

Dave Lamb's commentary is sarcastic and humorous, he laughs with the contenders and never at them. This slightly jars with the serious films they show to promote the work of the Sport Relief charity.

Overall, it's an uncomplicated show, and filled the 6pm Saturday family viewing slot with skill and entertainment.


"And they're off!"


Format owned and created by STV Productions and Motion Content Group.

Title music

Dobs Vye, credited for "Music".


Studio elements were filmed at BBC Scotland. Outdoor competition was filmed at Nuclear Races in Brentwood; the course is often available for public hire.

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