Ask Your Dad



Gilbert Harding (pilot)

Humphrey Lestocq (1955-56)

Peter West (1958-59)


During the last series, the resident "fathers" were Brian Johnston and Tony Hart.


BBC-tv, 6 July 1954 to 2 September 1959 (Pilot + 25 episodes)


A show for three people - a father, and his son and daughter. Questions were mostly asked of the children, but the father could help with mimes, or by giving the correct answer for fewer points.


This was one of a series of panel game pilots broadcast in the summer of 1954. The others were: Music, Music, Music!, Change Partners, It's a Mystery, Once Upon a Time, One of the Family, Tall Story Club and Find the Link.

One of the reasons why the pilot didn't work might be the rules: "Now we have two teams of, er, each team composed of two dads, a son and a daughter and each team will play against the other to see who wins in the end. Now I ask each 'family', as it were, a question and they are allowed a minute in which to answer. For the first half minute, only the son can answer and if he gets it right he gets two marks, and dad can only help him in mime. If the son does not get it, then the second half minute dad takes over and he can't get any help from anybody and if he gets it right he only gets one mark, but if the family can't get the answer to the question I'll tell them what that is and given them no marks." Well, that's clear then.

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