BBQ Champ



Myleene Klass


Adam Richman and Mark Blatchford (judges)


Whizz Kid Entertainment and County of Kings for ITV, 31 July to 28 August 2015 (5 episodes in 1 series)


Competitive cookery over a barbecue.

Eight contestants are set challenges to find the worst cook of the week. Whoever survives four eliminations remains for the final, where a £25,000 prize awaits for the best cook.

The shows followed a pattern. At "BBQ HQ", contestants were challenged to make a dish that fitted the judges' brief. These allowed some flair, style, and imagination. Then contestants went on a field trip, where they're split into teams, and asked to cook a meal for a group of people. The worst two were recalled for a technical challenge, which provided evidence for who would leave.

BBQ Champ was based on the US experience of barbecue culture, as advanced by judge Adam Richman. We expected him to explain why the contestants were doing things well, and to offer tips that viewers might be able to use at home. But there was little practical advice, an opportunity missed.

Mark, Myleene, and Adam tuck in.

Mark Blatchford was the other judge, he's a chef and minor celebrity. Myleene Klass presented, in spite of her inability to cook anything.

All of the elements for a successful programme were present, but the whole show never quite clicked into place.


Simon Dyer


Developed by Jimmy Baker and Caroline Roseman

Theme music

Credited for "Music": The DA's Office, Audio Network, Dan McGrath, Josh Phillips


Adam Richman, a judge on this show, owns the co-production company County of Kings.

Sponsored by Magners, a brand of cider.

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