Big Brain Game



Carol Vorderman


Team captains: Rufus Hound and Sara Cox


Hanrahan Media for Sky One, 22 December 2005 to 2006


Britain's official sponsor of Sudoku, Carol Vorderman, leads two teams of three people each consisting of an ordinary member of the public and ably assisted (... or not!) by team captains Rufus Hound and Sara Cox and another celeb through five rounds of hot puzzling action. Each round is designed to test a different area of the brain - creativity, logic, spatial awareness (usually by way of a hilarious practical task) - and we forget the final one. Oh that's it, memory. The final is the Total Brain Workout on the buzzers.

Rufus Hound and Sara Cox with Carol V. (centre)

The winning and the losing MOTP then play alone for £10,000. Our winner is challenged to put together the Big Brain. To do this they must correctly answer four questions, one each in the four areas described above. They are given one minute total for thinking time (time doesn't run down whilst the question is being posed), and if they don't know an answer they can pass and come back, as only by getting all four questions correct will they walk away with the prize. However, if they're really stuck and their opponent thinks they know the answer, they can "buy" the answer off them at £2,500 a pop. But just one wrong answer means everyone leaves with nothing.

A surprisingly entertaining hour.


It was sponsored by Swarovski, makers of those crystals that look pretty but are quite cheap - very much like... ah, you're ahead of us.


Q. There was a question - a car costs £2000 plus half its price. How much did the car cost? How did they get the answer?
A. If half the car costs £2000, the other half must cost £2000. Therefore, the whole car costs £2000 + £2000 = £4000. It can't be £3000 because, if that were the case, half the price of the car would be £1500.


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