Big Quiz Midlands



Lee Bannister


Norman Bartlam (Episode 4 onwards)


Up and Happy! Production for Big Centre TV, 2016 (18 episodes in 1 series)


A simple play along quiz focused around local trivia of The West Midlands mixed with general knowledge. Originally starting out as a series of vox pops of members of the public answering quiz questions interspersed with in-vision links. From episode 4 onwards this was changed to a battle of wits between the two hosts and viewers were invited to play along at home.

The show ended after 1 series due to Big Centre TV folding shortly after.

Norman poses a question to Lee


The Up and Happy! Production website states the following The “Big Quiz” was originally intended to be an ongoing local tournament between West Midlands-based quiz teams, and this pilot series was an experiment to see how it could work. It began with some preliminary ‘out and about’ sections in which members of the public were asked a range of local and general knowledge questions to see which Town knew the most! Then for the remainder of the series Lee Bannister, who devised the Quiz, along with resident historian, Norman Bartlam, asked each other questions in the studio to see who knew the most! As the series progressed, we decided to ramp up the fun aspect of the show – we had such a laugh making it!


Episode 1 featuring the vox pop format

A later studio based format episode

Web links

Official site (contains the first 6 episodes)


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