Jason Manford


Jenny Powell and Kriss Akabusi


Primal Media for ITV, 23 April to 28 May 2017 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Contestants play physical games, while wearing giant polystyrene heads. The most successful player each week goes on to a cash bonus round, and returns for the series final.

Here are tonight's elite eight.

The idea showed promise, but every episode turned out to be interchangeable. With almost the same games each show, there was no surprise.

What were those games? Run along the conveyor belt into a club. Collect champagne from a bottle and pour it into a container. Run around in circles while not getting eaten by a shark. Race up the stairs. The winner gets to bounce up and down, hoping to photobomb other celebs.

The only change - for a couple of episodes, the champagne was replaced by collect microphones while running on a turntable and put them in a recording studio.

Rihanna and Taylor Swift are being chased by a shark.

Backstage footage purported to tell of interaction between the Bigheads, how Prince Charles was taught the mobot by Mo Farah.

Set in a studio, Bigheads uses travelators and turntables to provide motion in a smaller space. Jenny Powell and Kriss Akabusi commentated on the events with much laughter.


Based on a format created by Gogglebox Entertainment, and developed by Primal Media.

Title music

Nick Foster, credited for "music"


Won the Rose d'Or for Best Game Show in 2017.

One unquestionable success was the Big Heads themselves - caricatures of famous people. These models were made by Plunge Creations, with artistic direction by Adrian Teal. Here's how they were made.

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Series highlight clips via Youtube.

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Wild Things, another show from the same era where contestants hide in costumes.

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