Blank Screen



Voiceover: Markus Birdman


Mentorn for ITV1, 23 April to 14 May 2004 (4 episodes in 1 series)


Late-night filler, not far removed from the 30-second Watch to Win slots that UTV and STV have been running for years, but stretched out to a few minutes and given a definite slot in the TV listings. The game, such as it is, involves watching the screen, waiting for a question to come up. While we're waiting, a voice over reminds us what to do. As if we hadn't guessed already. Entry is by SMS message alone, and players must send off the answer to the question by 5pm Sunday. With the show airing in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday, this gave at least 12, and in some cases almost 36, hours to enter. Long enough for a dedicated player to tape the show and find the answer at their leisure.

Key moments

Jingle: This is the show where you can win
By staring at a
Staring at a
This is the show Blank Sceeeeen!


Howard Davidson


Host Markus Birdman would later turn up on the 2023 series of Britain's Got Talent.

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