Bring the Drama



Bill Bailey


Kelly Valentine Hendry


Wall to Wall for BBC Two, 14 February 2024 to present


Eight aspiring actors work together to recreate scenes from iconic British dramas complete with scripts, cameras and real time pressures that professional actors face. The best win a chance to impress professional casting directors.

Each episode followed a similar pattern. We meet the guest star, and learn something of the popular drama series they're in. There's a "table read", where everyone goes through scripts to try and work out the various characters. Then there are "auditions", our performers deliver an individual piece to try and convince casting director Kelly Valentine Hendry and the guest star to cast them in a good part. Throughout the process, Kelly will offer "notes", instant feedback on what she's looking for, how the actor can improve their performance.


Once the casts are set, everyone gets to go to the set of EastEnders or Casualty or wherever, and they shoot their pieces - in real time, against a real clock. When the first group have finished, we move on to the second group, both are directed by the guest star. The performances are edited together overnight, and shown in the episode's final minutes. Kelly declares her Cast of the Week, and the standout individual performance wins Actor of the Week.

At the end of the series, Kelly selects the best three actors to present their showreel at a major industry showcase. for the chance to secure representation from a leading agent.

Each of the contestants had some sort of barrier preventing them from completing their acting dreams. Some are old, some have disabilities, many are poor. Bring the Drama may not have had fireworks, there were no unscripted stand-up rows or luvvie hissyfits; everyone showed quality and visibly improved as an actor.

Promotional shot of host Bill Bailey (left) with Natalie Cassidy (centre) and Kelly Valentine Hendry (right).


The three who made the showcase were Delasi (got a part on EastEnders), Jordan (snapped up by school drama Waterloo Road), and Rehanna (working on something for one of the streamers).

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