Britain's Best Dish

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Mark Nicholas (2007-10)

Mary Nightingale (2011)


Ed Baines
John Burton Race
Jilly Goolden

Caroline Morris (2007-10)
Rob Jarvis (2011)


ITV Productions for ITV1, 17 September 2007 to 27 May 2011 (189 episodes in 5 series)

as Best Dish: The Chefs, 31 October to 23 December 2011 (40 episodes in 1 series)

as Britain's Best Celebrity Dish, 23 February 2009 to 3 June 2011 (20 episodes in 2 series)


A 5pm teatime slot competition for amateur cooks, in which they're challenged to cook their one best dish. Unlike certain other programmes, only one dish is to be cooked.

The final was decided by a premium-rate telephone vote, which we still say defeats the whole object. It's for eating, not looking at!

Somewhat bizarre in the choice of a cricket presenter as host, but at least it means that we can make excellent jokes about looking at the slow-motion replays on the Snackometer.

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2007 John Kenny Slow-cooked pork belly with spiced roast apple and crackling
2008 Susie Carter Smoked trout and watercress tart
2009 Murray Grant Strawberry soufflé with cream pannacotta and strawberry coulis
2010 Jonathon Davies Seared masala cannon of spring lamb
Spring 2011 Conor McLean Vanilla friande with amaretto cream, fromage blanc sorbet and blueberry compote
Autumn 2011 Chris O'Halloran Cinnamon ice cream with bittersweet chocolate sauce and cookies


The first series was produced by the appropriately-named Helen Cooke.

The first series also aired after a chat show hosted by Coronation Street's Antony Cotton in the same slot for five weeks, which unsurprisingly flopped.

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