Call Yourself a Fan



Lynsey Hipgrave and Dan Rushden


Zig Zag Productions & Velocity Content for BT Sport, 21 August 2018 to 13 November 2018 (13 episodes in 1 series)


Two rival teams of football supporters have a quiz-off to decide which knows more about their team and the beautiful game.

Half of the show is a quiz. Round one, "Shooting for Glory", asks questions about the group's club from video clips and still photos. These are inaccessible to the general sports fan, being "who scored for Yourteam in a certain match three years ago?" "Memory Lane" takes match action and asks questions about the players and performances just shown. "On the Ball" is the inevitable quickfire buzzer round, about football in general. It's the only round with questions open to both sides.

The set is simple, doesn't distract from the action.

Interspersed with the quiz action are some animated discussions. These football fans have opinions, and get to voice them on air. The fans are eloquent and brief, able to make their points in one soundbite and then move on.

Call Yourself a Fan airs in two sizes - a 30-minute programme includes the conversation about the teams, a 15-minute show is pure quiz.


Billed in some guides as Fan TV: Call Yourself a Fan?.

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