Cannon and Ball's Casino



Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball


Yorkshire Television for ITV, 19 May to 25 August 1990 (9 episodes in 1 series)


It's a little known fact that Cannon and Ball own a licence to run a casino. Little-known, that is, because it isn't actually true. Ah well.

Cannon and Ball

Three couples answered general knowledge questions to win money in casino style games. The first round was the Fruit Machine where top of the range BBC Micro graphics would show money amounts or a prize. Whichever one mysteriously lined up, as they always did (C&B obviously running a loss leader, there) would be what that question was worth.

And it would only be 18 years later for Spin Star to use it again.

They pretty much dropped all casino pretense for the rest of the show, round two involved couples trying to guess things that our hosts were trying to convey to them against the clock through the medium of Ball miming and Cannon dropping large verbal hints.

How would you pantomime this word?

Between rounds there would be some variety acts.

We've got a Fuzzbox.

In the final round there would be one couple left who would hopefully 'open the safe' (by answering some more general knowledge questions) and win a car.

It turned out that the British public weren't that enamoured by a casino with just one fruit machine in, and was quietly dropped after one series.


The show aired on Saturday evenings at around 6pm, before it was taken off the air after the seventh episode to show an England match in the football World Cup. That episode, and the series finale, aired six weeks later about an hour earlier.

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