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Christine served her telly apprenticeship as an entertainment reporter in her native Northern Ireland, hosting the shows Skyhigh (from a helicopter - mmmm, niiice gimmick) and First Stop.

She made her networked debut as co-host on Let Me Entertain You before becoming better known as Adrian Chiles' co-presenter on BBC1's anything-goes magazine programme The One Show. In June 2010, she followed in Chiles' footsteps by defecting to ITV, to present amongst other things GMTV's successor Daybreak, alongside Chiles. Poor viewing figures meant both were fired after fifteen months. Sorry, we mean "allowed to focus on peak-time commitments".


In 2010 she waterskied across the English Channel for Sport Relief.

Since December 2015 she has presented under her married name, Christine Lampard. She has no game show credits under that name.

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