Connect 4



Logan Murray


The Children's Channel, 1991?-2?


Not sure how this got through the regulations in the early 1990s given the none-too-subtle product placement going on, but there you go - so let's fire up a big "P" in the corner just to make sure and plough on, because this really was a television adaptation of the Milton Bradley boxed game. But presumably without your younger brother accidentally knocking the keeper bar and scattering the red and yellow discs all over the floor.

Two teams of schoolchildren, in red and yellow T-shirts, took turns to answer questions put by Logan Murray. The questions were standard general knowledge which earned you points. Whether you answered correctly or not, one of your team mates would drop either a red or yellow counter into a giant replica of the standard Connect 4 game. The physical set-up of the set was much like Family Fortunes, with the teams on the wings and the large board at the back.

The team who got the most points (i.e. questions right) won the game, with getting a Connect 4 being the factor that determined when the game ended and also who received the special 4-in-a-row prize. One match consisted of several games.

To be an overall winner you had to beat your opponents on the overall score for the episode, and if you did so you could come back. There was a maximum run of four games, but if there was a draw on points then the teams could rematch for the next episode.

The prizes were materials for the school. Sports kit and art supplies rather than roof lead and ready-mix concrete, we're guessing.


Former contestant Gareth Taylor informs us that the contestants got "Children's Channel merchandise and £10 for grub".


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