Bamber Gascoigne


BBC2, 3 May 1988 to 20 July 1989 (18 episodes in 2 series)


Snooty fine arts quiz. The main game consisted of the contestants being shown a piece of art and they had to talk about the item, scoring points for mentioning particular detailed facts Bamber had asked about. There were also questions assigned to each player, asking for more superficial information about exhibits. Quite an inaccessible quiz, all of the contestants were fine arts scholars, and the quiz presented detail without any effort to put it in context.

The interesting buzzers at play.

The only point of any great interest was the buzzer system. The four contestants could signal at any time. The first person to signal would get a full red light across the front of their desk. The second person would get a three-quarter length light. The third and fourth person would get a half and a quarter-length light. Therefore, if the first person to buzz answered incorrectly, the question was offered 'down the line' in the order in which the contestants buzzed.

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