Cythrel Canu



Huw Foulkes


Geraint Cynan (keyboard player)

Aled Hall and Elin Manahan Thomas (team captains)


Rondo for S4C, 8 June to 21 December 2017 (12 episodes in 1 series + 1 speical)


A travelling panel show about music.

Huw Foulkes and Geraint Cynan ask two teams to do silly things, setting most of them to music. The opening quickfire buzzer round will often include something to embarrass one of the week's guests. Others will be embarrassed by the made-up story round: which of these three has told the truth?

After the commercial break, there's a mystery guest round, and that guest joins Huw and Geraint for the end of the show. A round of charades adds some pace to the final minutes.

Who is this week's mystery guest?

The audience sings along quite a lot - a traditional Welsh tune is set to a different melody, there's some singing while the music is faded out, and a couple of singalongs just for the fun of it.

Cythrel Canu is a warm and welcoming show. The audience in a theatre have come to be entertained. The people on stage are having fun, they bring the audience on the journey, and the crowd in the hall show their appreciation.

The audience joins in.

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