Dave Spikey



8 Out of 10 Cats (team captain)


Chain Letters

When Will I be Famous? (judge)

Whoops TV (team captain)


Comedian based in Chorley, near Bolton, who spent 20 years thinking about entering showbiz before actually doing so. He built up a working friendship with fellow Boltonian Peter Kay on That Peter Kay Thing leading onto his finest hour as Jerry "The Saint" Sinclair on Phoenix Nights. After co-writing much of the material mocking Bullseye on a Peter Kay tour, he ended up hosting a revived version of the show himself.


He once got trapped by the rotating Chain Letters revolving sign.

He has appeared twice on Celebrity Mastermind: he won his match the first time, answering questions on human blood, which was a good subject for him, since he used to work in haematology. However, he did not win on the second occasion, which was the 2009 Children in Need Special, but then he was up against two exceptionally high-scoring opponents that time, namely Lucy Porter and Mark Watson, who scored 35 and 33 respectively. Spikey's chosen subject on that occasion, by the way, was 'The Leeds and Liverpool Canal'.

Entered Central TV's New Faces as 50% of a duo called Intaglio (a reversed cameo, if you must know).

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