De Tha Seo?



Neen MacKay

Cathy MacDonald

Norman Maclean


Scottish Television (not networked), 25 July 1990 to 1994


Gaelic-language version of Win, Lose or Draw.

Cathy MacDonald

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Since of course the "draw" pun doesn't work in Gaelic, the title translates, rather boringly, as What's This?.

Funded partly by a £8 million government grant given to Scottish television companies in the 1990s to make more Scots Gaelic programming.

Original host Neen MacKay later described it as one of the STV Gaelic department's best and worst programmes.

Just to prove that we leave no stone unturned in our quest for game show ephemera, we found that picture of Cathy MacDonald in a "teach yourself Gaelic" book from 1993. The worrying thing is that for some reason one of the example phrases taught in the very first chapter is the Gaelic for "I don't like De Tha Seo at all". For the record, it's "cha chaomh leam De tha seo idir". Write that down in your notebook.


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