Janet Street-Porter


Simon Allix (voiceover)


Tiger Aspect Productions for ITV2, 4 April to 17 May 2007 (14 episodes in 1 series)


It's Celebrity Apprentice Writes a Magazine with Janet Street-Porter as the editor who fires a celebrity journalist each week, with top paparazzo Darryn Lyons on picture desk and Daily Star Joe Mott on showbiz desk duties.

Our celebrities are putting together a proper mag which is being included as a pull-out in women's mag Closer. The concept revolves on those who are normally featured in this kind of chip wrapping put on the other side of the keyboard and camera to see what happens.

The result is a lot, lot better than you'd expect for an ITV2 effort. There's plenty of incident, with missed opportunities, mess-ups and mischief. The celebs struggle to "pap" the stars at their favourite nightspots, especially when they forget basics like how to turn the camera flash on.

Given that there is no real jeopardy involved (unless they really, really need the £50,000 top prize) almost all of the Apprentice-like tension is lost with most of the participants hardly bothering to put in a great deal of effort and, for some, the sacking seems a blessed relief. JSP is no Alan Sugar, even if they have identical testerone levels, but comes across more witty, caring and fair-minded than you might suppose.

If you're going to waste a few braincells watching ITV2, you could do a lot worse than this.


The celebrities in series one were: Iwan Thomas (winner), Yvette Fielding, Dean Holdsworth, Dom Joly, Lisa I'Anson, Imogen Lloyd-Webber, Blair McDonough, Chris Parker, Ingrid Tarrant, Abi Titmuss.

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