Diane Youdale




Finders Keepers (co-host)

Games World (co-host as The Games Mistress)

Gladiators (as Gladiator "Jet")

You Bet! (co-host)


Former gymnast who was apparently in something called She-Wolf Of London around 1990, but really shot to fame as Jet in Gladiators.

She was known as Diane Youdale Mayhew for a while, but apparently is back to just being plain old Diane Youdale. But it's probably best just to call her Jet instead. She'll love that.

She's now a mid-morning presenter for BBC Tees in her home city of Middlesbrough.


After leaving Gladiators she spent five years studying and is now a practicing Psychotherapist and Counsellor. To this end, she appeared on Five's Trisha Goddard show on occasion.

She appeared on Russell Howard's Good News in 2011 as a mystery guest, because Russell was a big fan of Gladiators when he was younger. They even had a "Duel" fight!

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